What We Do

Danish based AGITO Medical provides healthcare solutions to hospitals, clinics and distributors world-wide. Founded in 2004 AGITO Medical has since expanded to include representatives in France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

We offer an extensive selection of high quality and tested spare parts to hospitals, clinics, biomedical engineering departments and service providers, including coils, probes, boards, power supplies, monitors and much more.
Our services also include medical equipment rental, providing clients with a wide selection of customized medical trailers and relocatable units available for short and long-term rental.

Furthermore, our network makes it possible for us to offer you a wide range of high quality used medical equipment at affordable prices including CT machines, MRI machines, Ultrasound systems, X-ray and Mammography.

10 Reasons Why

Our ambition is to offer the highest quality equipment in the market. Dealing with used medical equipment, from purchase to sale, includes several important steps to make sure that the equipment lives up to your expectations.

We can give you at least 10 reasons why you should choose AGITO Medical as you preferred medical imaging equipment supplier.

Do you want to know why?

Full Logistic Services

Our efficient logistics department coordinates all shipments within AGITO Medical. Our freight forwarding personnel are educated to organize worldwide shipping via road, air, sea and courier, always focusing on the most optimal freight solution for the individual client.

We cooperate with professional freight forwarders in the countries where we operate. Arranging our logistics this way, means that we are able to answer your questions quickly and accurately while keeping the focus on saving resources, being cost efficient, and decrease transit time.

Job Openings

AGITO Medical is a part of the Philips Company. If you are looking to join our team of dedicated employees, please follow the below link and search through the Philips global career portal.