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Siemens Avanto TIM 1.5T

- Versatile unit with powerful imaging technology

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Systems Details


The Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5 Tesla MRmachine is a popular, affordable MRI scanner. Its shortbore allows it to fit in tight rooms or where a compactMRI is a more effective solution. The system featuressyngo SPACE, which replaces time-consuming multiple2D acquisitions with a single 3D image, allowing youto visualize very small details.







System ID MR21

System model Siemens Avanto TIM 1.5T

System YOM 2008 (upgr. 2016)

No. of channels 18

Software level/release Syngo MR B19

Bore opening 60 cm

Max table load 250 kg

Coils CP Extremity, Shoulder Array S+L, FlexS+L 4ch., Loop L, 2xBody Matrix, NeckMatrix, Head Matrix, Spine Matrix, KneeArray 8ch.

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System features

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Unit features


Checkmark DVD-R/RW writer

Checkmark HIS/RIS/PACS/Internet connection








Checkmark Air-condition units in all rooms

Checkmark Coil storage cabinets

Checkmark Sound system w. CD and FM tuner

Checkmark IT/Network connections in operator room



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Maintenance and service

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Unit details and dimensions


System will be delivered with a service and maintenance contract.




Type Relocateable

Length 14,00 m

Width 3,00 m

Height 3,20 m

Weight 22.000 kg.

Min. area for placement 15,50 x 7,00 m


Jellingvej 30
9230 Svenstrup J
phone: +45 9635 0170
fax: +45 9635 0130