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Visit from University College Nordjylland

December 7, 2018

We recently had the privilege to introduce our Rental business to the 5th semester radiographer students from University College Nordjylland (UCN).

They got to see a wide range of imagining equipment and most importantly, a mobile MRI unit we currently have in Denmark, before it leaves for its next location. 
We were happy to get the chance to show our rental solutions to the future radiographers. This will hopefully help to enhance the knowledge and possibilities that lie in Mobile Imaging system.


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If you wish to learn more about our Rental Solutions call us on +45 9635 6537 or contact Carsten Nyborg on

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Significant expansion to the Rental Solutions Fleet

September 17, 2018


AGITO Medical is pleased to announce a significant expansion to our rental fleet. In total we have acquired eight new rental units. Our fleet will now consist of 21 rental units in total.


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The new edditions are:


Philips Achieva rel. 3 trailer - MR17

Philips Ingenia trailer - MR20

Philips Achieva rel. 5 trailer - MR18

Philips Achieva rel. 5 trailer - MR19

• Philips Digital Diagnost trailer - XR01

• Philips Allura Centron trailer - CL02

Siemens Magnetom Avanto relocatable modular building - MR21

Siemens Magnetom Aera relocatable modular building - MR22


This will help us to serve both exsisitng and new customers with high quality rental solutions.


You can find more information about the rental fleet here.



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Great News from AGITO Rental Solutions

June 28, 2018


AGITO Medical has won a tender contract with the German Private Hospital Group Ernst von Bergmann in Potsdam to deliver a Mobile Philips Ingenia system.


The contract will run for 8 years. During this period the MRI-trailer will be rotated and used in 5 different locations, which makes this a unique case in the German market.


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This project is a perfect example of good team work and close cooperation between our new Philips colleagues and AGITO and the optimal use of both companies’ resources. Philips Germany will service the MRI and we provide the trailer unit. You can read more about the project here.


We hope that this cooperation will pave the way for more rental projects on the German market.


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AGITO Medical has joined the Philips Family

April 5, 2018


We are very proud to announce the acquisition of AGITO Medical by Philips Healthcare. This team will come together under the Multi-Vendor Services (MVS) team, a key enabler within Philips for Managed Maintenance Services and Long Strategic Partnership value propositions that develop closer customer relationships.


AGITO Medical will continue providing the services in our current business model. However, being a part of Philips will allow us to scale up, further develop our solutions and serve our growing customer base even better.


We are excited about the coming times and look forward to strengthening our business relationships even more.

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