TOSHIBA Aquilion CXL 128


Want to keep pace with the advances within the healthcare environment? In only a single rotation, you can achieve high quality with the TOSHIBA Aquilion CXL 128 CT scanner. The CT scanner provides you with all the necessities to improve your workflow and your patient care with its ability to create low dose imagining without compromising on the quality.





Model: Aquilion CXL 128

Year of make: 2013

Console type: CETF-006A/6A

Tube type: VAREX

Tube year of make: Replaced: October 2021 / Tube YOM: 05-2021

Tube count: EXPOSURE COUNTER ( SOFTWARE ) : 204 111 SLICE TIME ( SOFTWARE ) : 180 107.3

Item number: 004325

Status: In Stock



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TOSHIBA Aquilion CXL 128

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