Epsom General Hospital




AGITO Rental Solutions has delivered a relocatable CT solution to one of our customers in the United Kingdom – Epsom General Hospital.

A relocatable solution can provide a high-quality expansion for hospitals, adhering to all applicable building codes, including the relevant fire regulations.

We have the expertise to offer technical assistance, site planning, application training and management of the entire project. In addition, all our rental solutions come with a full-service contract ensuring a carefree rental period with the full benefits of high-quality service agreements. We support you from start to finish, to make sure that the delivery and placement runs smoothly.

Our Relocatable units comes with and without hydraulic legs - the hydraulic legs eliminate the need for a crane on the ground floor. In this case a crane was necessary due to the reach required to access the final location. The logistical planning for this type of move is extensive, requiring the local authority to temporarily remove 2 sets of traffic lights and other road furniture.

There were teams from 9 organizations present on the day and they worked seamlessly to undertake the installation and make sure it was a total success.

If you have a minute, you can see how the delivery went.



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