Liverpool Women’s Hospital



A brand-new CT relocatable unit featuring a state-of-the-art Aquilion Prime SP 160 slice system was delivered to Liverpool Women’s Hospital in February 2022 and commenced operation in March 2022. The unit is on a short-term contract which currently runs until November 2022, but with the option to extend if required. 


The unit is providing activity until a permanent solution is implemented in December 2022.  The activity being undertaken is additional for the wider system and is having a positive impact on reducing waiting lists. This service is the first to go live for the Liverpool Women’s Hospital Community Diagnostic Centre and has been well received by patients and staff.


Dedicated to Excellence Awards Show

Each year Liverpool Women’s Hospital hold an awards ceremony celebrating the outstanding dedication, hard work and achievements of staff at the hospital.


As a result of the successful cooperation and teamwork in connection with the CT Rental Solution, AGITO Medical, together with CSS (Clinical Support Services) at Liverpool Women's Hospital we have collectively been nominated for the Excellence in Working Together award (Team Working & Partnerships).

We are delighted to say that we won!


We are pleased to be able to support the hospital with a Mobile Imaging Solution and, of course, very proud to receive this award and acknowledgement.


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“To date the mobile CT scanner has been an asset to Liverpool Women’s Hospital Community Diagnostic Centre and the wider community. The unit has allowed us to undertake diagnostics to assist with waiting lists and it has allowed us to work collaboratively with partner Trusts. The AGITO team have been fantastic to work with and they are always helpful in resolving issues when they arise. Great teamwork all round!”


Lynda Ferron - Programme Lead for Community Diagnostic Centre


Liverpool Womens Hospital