Herlev Hospital




For over a decade, we have delivered imaging rental solutions to hospitals and clinics worldwide. For some clients it a long-term rental and for other it’s a short -term solution. What is common for most of our customers no matter the duration of the rental, is the need for a flexible and in some cases quick solution.


Running a clinic or hospital involves managing temporary changes in patient flow and dealing with unforeseen circumstances in a fast and efficient manner, either when you are facing replacement of equipment or possible breakdowns.


Herlev Hospital was in an urgent need of extra MRI capacity, and we were able to provide two of our MRI rental units. Initially we did not have a rental unit available for the entire duration of the contract, but because of the urgency of request, the hospital started out with one of our newest MRI units coming back from a rental in Germany. Later on, the initial contract was exchanged with an MRI unit returning from a contract in the Netherlands - resulting in a flexible yet sufficient solution for the customer.


For the hospital, this resulted in minimal downtime and the ability to continue with the normal workflow and scanning capacity.


With one of Europe’s biggest imaging rental fleet, we have the resources and units which made it possible for us to provide Herlev Hospital with a pliable and fast solution.



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