Ernts Von Bergmann in Potsdam




We provide rentals for both short and long-term projects; with the duration of a few weeks up to several years, depending on the customers’ needs and requirements. The advantages of a mobile trailer compared to a relocatable unit is the ability to alter locations based on patient volume, thereby offering flexible or fixed schedules.


In 2018 AGITO Medical won a tender contract with the German Hospital Group Ernst von Bergmann in Potsdam. This project included a Mobile Philips Ingenia system on a long-term contract running for 8 years. This project distinguished itself from many of our other rental projects; during the 8-year period the MRI-trailer will be rotated and used in 5 different locations.


Philips MVS Germany will service the MRI during the rental period, and we provide the trailer unit. This project is a perfect example of good teamwork and close cooperation between our Philips colleagues and AGITO resulting in the most optimal use of both companies’ resources.



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