Yet another hospital in Germany benefits from a Rental Solution




There are many reasons for choosing an imaging rental solution.


This German customer was set to get two new Cath lab systems installed at their facility. The new Cath labs were delayed in production and for that reason they needed an interim solution - a mobile imaging rental was the perfect solution.


AGITO Medical has a flexible rental concept, which can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer and even hospital and site. With our wide selection of customized mobile trailers and relocatable units, we can support you with additional imaging capacity for both short- and long-term rentals.


Due to a good cooperation with our Philips colleagues, we were able to provide one of our brand-new Philips Azurion Cath lab units, featuring Philips Azurion imaging systems with 30cm detectors, and new generation Hemo with X3 Intellivue monitoring.


These Cath labs offer full functionality for cardiac procedures and coupled with their speed of installation have the features and the space to provide a realistic alternative to fixed labs with no loss of clinical integrity.


At the clinic there was a preference to undertake ElectroPhysiology (EP) procedures including 3D mapping and cryo-ablation. We were able to tailor our offering to meet this need we installed additional medical gas ports and a gas scavenging system before the lab was delivered, thus ensuring that the cryo-ablator could function correctly.


Once on site, we worked with the supplier of the EP equipment to fully integrate the cabling into the fabric of the Cath lab, positioning all the additional control room monitors and configure the EP image sources into the large Philips Flexvision screen in the examination room.


Do you want to see how it looks inside a Mobile Cath Lab Solution?


quick tour of unit


watch the delivery





“The cooperation with AGITO Medical has been pleasant and uncomplicated.


I want to highlight the great project management - the project manager has been competent and solution-orientated during the process, making the rental project and installation a success.


I would, without a doubt chooser AGITO Medical for future rental projects.”


MedTech Manager