GE Optima MR360 1.5T Advance


We are proud to offer you the worlds first GE Optima MR360 Advance in a trailer. Our MR07 containing a GE Optima MR360 Advance 1.5T MR-scanner will provide you excellent image quality for short- and mid-term rental periods. Easy set-up and state of the art technology makes this our most advanced MRI unit to date offering outstanding conform for patients as well as operators.


  • New environmentally friendly design reduces power consumption with 34%
  • Silent scan technology offering a whole new level of patient comfort
  • 16 independent receiver channels, with A/D conversion in the gantry and optimal transmission to recon engine
  • Gradients with max amplitude of 33mT/m and slew rate of 120T/m/s and a 100% duty cycle
  • 64-bits reconstruction with 13000FFT/s
  • Patient table with new integrated digital coils



System Features



Post-treatment workstation

DVD-R/RW/RW writer



Maintenance and Service


System will be delivered with a service and maintenance contract.



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GE Optima MR360 Advance (MR07)

System Details

System ID: MR07
System model: GE Optima MR360 Advance
System YOM: 2013
No. of Channels: 16
Software rel.: SV25.0_R04_1543.b/m
Gantry opening: 60cm
Max table load: 160 kg.
Coils: Express Head-Neck Array 16ch., Express Anterior Array 12-Element, Head 8ch., Knee 8ch., Foot-Ankle 8ch., Shoulder 8ch., Wrist 8ch., Flex-Body 4ch.

Unit Features

Air-condition units in all rooms
Hydraulic patient lift
Coil storage cabinets
Sound system w. CD/FM tuner
IT connection in operator room

Unit Details and Dimensions

Type: Trailer
Lenght: 13,55 m
Width: 2,55 m
Height: 4,00 m
Weight: 27.000 kg
Min. area for placement: 16.60 x 5,55 m