Complete Systems – How we work

Dealing with used medical equipment, from purchase to sale, includes several important steps to make sure that the equipment lives up to your expectations.

We give you 10 reasons why you should choose AGITO Medical as you preferred medical imaging equipment supplier.

Reason 1 - Our skilled purchasing team

We purchase used medical equipment for stock!


We get new systems into our stock every week. In order for us to have the best possible used medical equipment to offer you, we have a dedicated purchasing team in Denmark, The Netherlands and France which makes it possible for us to acquire high quality pre-owned equipment including MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound and much more.


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Reason 2 - QA on site

We always do a full inspection report on our systems.


In order for us to offer you the best possible quality which lives up to your expectations, we always inspect our systems and do a full inspection report either on site or when the equipment arrives in our warehouse.


Do you want a complete overview of our inventory of used medical equipment? Click here and get a complete overview of our current inventory, download system leaflets and gain access to inspections reports with full system details.

Reason 3 - Professional de-installation on site

We use highly trained technical teams and project managers when we de-install systems on site.


Dealing with high-valued used medical equipment including CT machines and MRI machines requires a highly skilled technical team to make sure that the de-installation of the systems is a success. From personnel, tools and materials, to suitable vehicles, cranes and lifting equipment. Our project management team and trusted partners has a diverse expertise and can provide a tailor-made solution every time!


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Reason 4 - Safe and secure transportation

We know the importance of safe and reliable transportation of valuable medical equipment.


Whether it is transportation of equipment we have bought from a hospital site or transportation of equipment we have sold; we always make sure to handle it with care, dedication and the right tools.


AGITO Medical can remove equipment either as a standalone service or as part of a purchase agreement. We are fully qualified to de-install and transport any used medical equipment regardless of size and location. Additionally, we have the ability to do crane removals simultaneously with the installation of a new system, saving both time and money.

Reason 5 - Thorough incoming check when dealing with used medical equipment

We always do incoming check on our systems – this means, when you buy a system from us you know what you get!


One of the main reasons we do incoming checks is to make sure that the information we provide to our customer is correct and the system you buy from us live up to your expectations.


We always ensure that the systems are complete, fully functional and ready for installation at the next site. During incoming check we make sure that all system parts, installation parts such as phantoms are present and in working condition. Beside this, a part of our process includes checking all serial and part numbers.

Reason 6 - We have the ability to do full staging of systems

We are able to stage and quality check our systems in one of our seven X-ray exposure approved test bays for CT, MRI, X-ray or Ultrasound


We wish to deliver the best possible quality!


That is why, we always perform a quality test on our system either on site or when it arrives in our warehouse. When the Quality Assurance test is done on-site it is always carried out by trained engineers.


We can stage the system at our facility in one of our  7 test bays for CT, MRI general X-ray and Ultrasound. Our test bays paired with our extensive test equipment portfolio, gives us the possibility to perform full QA on any system.


Depending on the system, we perform a quality assurance test to ensure that the used medical equipment lives up to the imaging standards set by the OEM’s.


We do this to ensure that all systems leaving our warehouse are complete and fully functional.

Reason 7 - Helium filling and extensive cold storage space

We have our own cold storage for MRI systems and can do helium fillings and cold head change. 

With more than 3.600 square meters of storage space, test bays for MRI, CT and X-ray including cold storage for more than 8 MRI systems, our warehouse is always stocked with high quality used medical equipment. 


This makes it possible for us to deliver flexible solutions and cost-efficient imaging equipment to hospitals, clinics and distributors worldwide. Since we store our systems in our own facility, we always have full control with the sales and storage process. This means that we can monitor the helium level, do helium fillings and change the cold head, if it is necessary before shipment.

Reason 8 - Cleaning - packing - crating - vapor packing, you name it!

We always ensure that the equipment are packed correctly before shipment.

We want to deliver the best possible quality! For us, this means that we always make sure that the equipment leaving our facility are safely packed, crated or vapor packed depending on the freight type. This includes utilizing the right tools for transport to uphold the quality standards.


Our experienced logistics department coordinate all shipments within AGITO Medical. Our freight forwarding personnel are educated to organize worldwide shipping via road, air, sea and courier, always focusing on the most optimal freight solution for the individual client.

Reason 9 - We ship systems world-wide

We ship systems worldwide!


We provide customers all over the world with high quality pre-owned imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound.


We want to deliver the best possible quality that lives up to our customer’s expectations. This includes careful and correct handling from equipment purchase until it is shipped from our warehouse.


We have extensive experience loading every type of imaging equipment, from smaller X-ray and ultrasound systems to MRI machines and CT machines, always using the correct tools. Preparing the equipment for the most efficient and safe shipment also includes a helium filling if needed. The loading process is always done in a safe manner in corporation with our skilled partners and experienced colleagues in the warehouse.

Reason 10 - Customer first!

Satisfied customers are our first priority.


Dealing with used medical equipment, from purchase to sale, includes several important steps to make sure that the equipment lives up to our customers’ expectations and the process is a complete success. This would not be possible without a combined effort from our purchasing, sales, logistics, project, back-office and warehouse teams.

Customer Testimonial

Below you can read what one of our customers has experienced when working with us. This is the reason why we do what we do!
Orhun Medical and Protek medtech service have been working with AGITO Medical since 2019. We have purchased both spare parts and pre-owned imaging devices such as CT, MRI and mammography units. We have definitely been satisfied working with such a professional company as AGITO. When we have used AGITO as a supplier, we have always received equipment in good condition and perfectly packed for shipping. On top of that, we get excellent support in the after sales process which is important to us. I am very happy to work with AGITO Medical.
- Ercan Gürgil – Orhun Medical & Protek Medtech Service