Used Ultrasound Machines

Our pre-owned ultrasound machines are an effective and cost-efficient solution. Purchasing a lower priced system is a preferable alternative for cost-conscious professionals. Find our selection of Ultrasound machines for sale here.

10 Reasons Why

Our ambition is to offer the highest quality equipment in the market. Dealing with used medical equipment, from purchase to sale, includes several important steps to make sure that the equipment lives up to your expectations.

We can give you at least 10 reasons why you should choose AGITO Medical as you preferred medical imaging equipment supplier.

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Our Ultrasound Machines

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Brighter Future for Everyone

Extending the lifespan of your medical equipment makes medical treatment available where it would not otherwise be possible. Trading in your current system is a very valuable option, when you are considering buying a new system from us. As an added benefit, it helps reduce the impact on the environment.

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Find the right probe for your ultrasound system

AGITO Medical offers an extensive selection of ultrasound machines and probes to hospitals, clinics, biomed-ical engineering departments and service providers. Our selection covers convex, linear, transvaginal, cardiac and many others.