Imaging Rental Solutions

Our rental solutions fleet consist of over 50 units including both mobile rental trailers and relocatable units from all major original equipment manufacturers such as Philips, Siemens, GE and CANON/Toshiba.

We have a variety of MRI, CT and Cath Lab systems in the fleet and we are continually expanding it, to ensure that we can meet our customers’ expectations and needs.

Projects & Customer Testimonials

For over a decade, we have delivered imaging rental solutions to hospitals and clinics worldwide. The journey began with just a few units and has since grown to a fleet count of over 50. This has resulted in more than 380 rental projects in 15 countries.


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Available for Short and Long-term Rental


Rental solutions that fit your needs


AGITO Medical has developed a flexible rental concept, providing clients with a wide selection of customized mobile trailers and relocatable units, available for short- and long-term rental.


We know that running a clinic or hospital involves managing temporary changes in patient flow and dealing with unforeseen circumstances in a fast and efficient manner. When you are facing replacement of equipment or breakdowns, we can offer you short-term rental contracts with a high level of flexibility.


Choosing a medical equipment rental such as a mobile MRI, CT or Cath Lab solution can reduce downtime, prevent patient relocation and ultimately lost revenue.


Our team assist you from start to finish

The reason for choosing a mobile rental solution can be many. Whether you have a temporary increase in demand, ongoing construction or growing patient waiting list, AGITO Medical can provide you a rental solution; serving as a seamless extension of your existing services and day-to-day operations. That way, you can continue to provide your patients with the best possible treatment and service.


We have the expertise to offer technical assistance, site planning, application training and management of the entire project. In addition, all our rental solutions come with a full-service contract ensuring a carefree rental period with the full benefits of high-quality service agreements.

Mobile Cath Lab Solution with a Seamless Integration

As part of the care pathway for cardiac patients the team at Epsom General Hospital needed to expand their existing Cath Lab service to encompass interventional and electro-physiological procedures. The Epsom team decided to proceed with this plan and invest in a full implementation, which included a link corridor.

Take a look at this delivery and the integration here!

Quick tour of Relocatable Cath Lab unit from AGITO Medical

We have added 6 new relocatable Cath labs, featuring Philips Azurion imaging systems with 30cm detectors, and new generation Hemo with X3 Intellivue monitoring to our fleet.

These Cath labs offer full functionality for cardiac procedures and coupled with their speed of installation they have the features and the space to provide a realistic alternative to fixed labs with no loss of clinical integrity.

Relocatable or Mobile Trailer Solution?

Our mobile imaging fleet consists of both trailers and relocatable. Both a mobile trailer and a relocatable solution provide you with high-quality imaging system that meets your requirements. In this video you can see an example of how a relocatable can be fully integrated into a hospital environment.

Quick Tour of Siemens Aera Relocatable MRI Unit

We constantly expand our Rental Solutions Fleet to keep up with growing customer demands!

Our fleet consists of MRI, CT and Cath Lab units. Do you want to see how spacious a relocatable MRI is? In this video you will see a quick tour of one of our newest arrivals - a Siemens Aera relocatable.

Delivery of Relocatable Cath Lab

With a Modular Cath lab solution from us, you are able to get a unit fast without the upfront capital expenditure, whilst retaining clinical capabilities. In addition, these Labs are suitable for more permanent solutions and add excellent flexibility, that is not available with more expensive fixed installations.

How does a delivery of a 30 ton Relocatable CT scanner look?

AGITO Rental Solutions recently delivered a Relocatable CT solution to one of our customers in the United Kingdom – Epsom General Hospital. The delivery and placement went smoothly thanks to our skilled partners and supportive teams on site.

Take a look at this delivery!

What is the difference between a mobile trailer and a relocatable?


We provide rentals for both short and long-term projects; with the duration of a few weeks up to a year or more, depending on your specific needs. For short-term rentals we recommend using a mobile trailer whereas a relocatable unit might be the right solution for rentals that last up to a year or more.

The advantages of a mobile trailer compared to a relocatable unit is the ability to alter locations based on patient volume, thereby offering flexible or fixed schedules. Besides this, the mobile trailer solution has lower installation time, due to fewer logistical considerations in the site planning process.


Both a mobile trailer and a relocatable solution provide you with high-quality imaging system that meets your requirements. The relocatable solution, however, provides a more spacious environment for patients and radiographers. These units are the preferable option if you consider a long-term rental solution, as they can be fully integrated into the hospital infrastructure, maintaining the patient pathway.


The relocatable solution can provide a high-quality expansion for hospitals, adhering to all applicable building codes, including the relevant fire regulations. In addition, the relocatable units come with or without hydraulic legs. The hydraulic legs eliminate the need for a crane on the ground floor as well as patient lift, providing a higher level of convenience for both patients and site workers.

How does it look inside a Mobile Rental Solution?

Fixed Site Rental or Mobile Trailer Solutions?

AGITO Medical offers medical imaging equipment rental consisting of a wide selection of mobile trailers and relocatable units. This solution helps us to offer you a cost-efficient alternative to the high cost of purchasing a system.

We are ISO 13485:2016 CERTIFIED

As safety and quality are non-negotiable in the medical device industry, AGITO Medical - Rental Solutions is DS/EN ISO 13485 certified, guaranteeing consistent quality in delivered products and services.