2. December 2021

Our Rental Solutions is now available through the UniHA cooperative in France

AGITO Medical is proud to announce that our Rental Solutions division is now available through the UniHA cooperative of French public hospital buyers.


UniHA is one of the main European buyers in the healthcare sector as well as one of the leading national buyers. Today, 1057 hospitals have joined the cooperative and we look forward to continue to support the French market with flexible imaging rental solutions,


We can provide the following modalities MRI, CT and Cath-Lab through fully compliant procurement channels. Our rental fleet is constantly expanding, as we are adding new systems from all major OEMs to ensure, that we can meet our customers’ requirements.


Do you want to see our complete rental fleet? You find it here

Tailored solutions, keeping downtime to a minimum
With a wide range of brands and models installed in trailers, we can assist you with short term requirements, such as interim solutions during equipment replacements. Our rental solution systems can also be fully integrated with our in-house services for purchasing and de-installation of equipment. This ensures continuity of service and minimize disruption during replacement programs.


Modular buildings for long-term projects
If you need to maintain your activity during a renewal, facing additional capacity requirements or hospital relocations, AGITO Medical has a selection of modular units for long-term projects. Providing more space for patients and radiographers, these units are the preferable option if you consider a long-term rental solution. Additionally, they can be fully integrated into the hospital infrastructure, maintaining the patient pathway.