Canon Aquilion Prime SP


This relocatable Rental Solution from AGITO offers Premium CT Scanning equipment which will be able to deliver even on the most challenging cases, from Pediatric to Bariatric & Cardiac. The Aquilion Prime SP meets the diverse needs of the modern imaging department with advanced clinical applications, extremely low patient dose and high throughput. Included are all the required accessories, with staff and patient comfort in mind, all housed inside a ‘State of the Art’ Relocatable.



System Features


MEDRAD CENTARGO Injector with inbuilt Contrast Warmer

7.5MHU Megacool

Software rel.: 10.4 SP008


Maintenance and Service


System will be delivered with a service and maintenance contract.



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Canon Aquilion Prime SP (CT18)

System Details

System ID: CT18
System model: Canon Aquilion Prime SP
System YOM: 2022
No. of slices: 160
Software rel.: 10.4 SP008
Tube type 7.5MHU Megacool
Workstation Vitrea Workstation
Gantry opening: 78 cm
Max table load: 220kg.

Unit Features

Dual Zone Air Conditioning
Sink with Hot & Cold Running Water
Switchable Privacy Glass
Music System in Scan Room, Control Room & Changing Room
Ceiling mounted Patient Comfort Skylight
Rear Patient Entry Stairs & Separate Door with Changing Area with Storage lockers
Unit Hydraulic levelling System
Patient Access Lift with Canopy & External Lighting

Unit Details and Dimensions

Type: Trailer
Lenght: 13,56 m
Width: 4,70 m
Height: 4,00 m
Weight: 27.000 kg
Min. area for placement: 16,00 x 6,00 m