GE Signa Voyager 1.5T


This rental solution from AGITO Medical has a GE Healthcare Signa™ Voyager installed, which has a 70 cm wide bore magnet with Comfort Plus Table. This alongside the extensive coil suite allows you to provide improved patient outcomes, and meet today’s imaging challenges with confidence. The unit includes features which will enable your clinical staff to take advantage of this wide bore system with top-tier 1.5T system performance.



System Features


MR XPerion Injector

Ultra High Efficiency Gradient

Software rel.: 29.1


Maintenance and Service


System will be delivered with a service and maintenance contract.



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GE Signa Voyager 1.5T (MR47)

System Details

System ID: MR47
System model: GE Signa Voyager 1.5T
System YOM: 2022
No. of Channels: 49
Software rel.: 28.0
Gantry opening: 70cm
Max table load: 279kg.
Coils: Embedded TDI Posterior Array, TDI Head/Neck Array, TDI Anterior Array 16ch., T/R Knee Array 16ch., TDI Foot/Ankle Array 8ch., Shoulder Array 3ch., 16ch. T/R Hand/Wrist Coil, Flex Suite

Unit Features

Hydraulic Patient Lift & Patient Access Stairs with Canopies & External Lighting
Dual-Zone Air Conditioning
2xPatient Changing Rooms with lockable storage lockers
Music System in Scan Room, Control Room & Changing Room
Coil Storage Cabinet
Unit Hydraulic levelling System
Switchable Privacy Glass

Unit Details and Dimensions

Type: Trailer
Lenght: 13,60 m
Width: 2,55 m
Height: 4,00 m
Weight: 27.000 kg
Min. area for placement: 16,00 x 7,50 m