Dismantle in France




A professional buy-back solution resulted in a successful dismantle


With our Trade-in option, we can offer you a complete and carefree solution, as we will handle dismantling, packaging, loading and transportation of your equipment, while keeping your involvement at a minimum!


In the case described below, we dismantled a Siemens Aera 1.5T in France.


The hospital "Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine" in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, needed to replace two CT scanners and one MRI machine at the clinic. The customer had consulted with different brokers at the beginning of the year but ended up choosing us for the project.


In a combination of being a company they had known for a long period of time and offering them an attractive buy-back of the three systems, the hospital decided to choose AGITO for the dismantling and removal of their equipment.


With assistance from our team the de-installation went smoothly and was a complete success. This is what our customer said about working with us. 


"AGITO Medical is a company with a well-established reputation - my first encounter was back in 2011. We talked to several firms, at the start of the year, about trading in two scanners and an MRI machine, and AGITO quickly put together a proposal for us that we felt was relevant and interesting. 


The trade-in agreement offered by AGITO did not change how we organized the replacement of our three systems. They incorporated the dismantling process into the temporary schedule for each replacement and kept to their commitments every time. 


In addition, there was a last-minute delay in the delivery of the new MRI machine and AGITO adapted to the change by postponing the dismantling process for a few weeks and delivered a professional service, both commercially and technically - with no surprises.


AGITO Medical is a partner I wouldn't hesitate to consult with and cooperate with on future projects. The experience has been very positive!"


Pierre Schaeffer - Biomedical Engineer at Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine, France.