Removal and replacement in Belgium




Combining efforts between our Purchasing and Rental Solutions team


When facing replacement of equipment at a facility, the loss of scan capacity in the interim period between take-out of the old system and the installation of a new is often a concern – and for the hospital in Belgium, this quickly became a reality, when they needed a removal of their old Siemens Avanto FIT MRI.


However, with the help of our Rental Solutions, we were able to provide the customer with a mobile rental solution - once we had removed their old system - on either a short-term or long-term contract, which ended up providing them with a high level of flexibility.


By doing so, the hospital could continue its existing services and day-to-day operations. In connection with the rental, we also organized the application training, which was highly needed in order for the hospital to utilize the MRI rental unit.


This is a perfect example of how we can support our customers by combining our purchasing capabilities and Rental Solutions



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