De-installation in Cork




Going above and beyond to get through and across the finish line


With our many years of experience working with imaging equipment, it is safe to say that we are fully qualified to both de-install and transport any imaging equipment – regardless of size and location!


And when we say regardless of size and location, we mean it!


Affidea Ireland Private Hospital needed an upgrade of their current MRI system, to be able to cater for more patients per day, and to streamline their working processes and improve the overall patient experience.


In choosing a partner to help them with the de-installation, AGITO were first in line!


However, during the dismantle, it was quickly established that nothing comes easily, and that this de-installation presented a few challenges.


When the team had to move the magnet, they realized that the doorways were too narrow for the magnet to fit through, but with a touch of finesse and patience, our trusted dismantle partners Goring Medical Projects Ltd and Dennison Projects ensured that the 5+ ton magnet was perfectly moved.


Keeping your involvement at a minimum, we will handle the dismantling, packing, loading and transportation of your used imaging equipment. We will take it off your hands – even when it doesn’t quite fit like a glove!