De-installation in King's Lynn




Moving heaven and earth to ensure magnets are lifted safely!


When we do de-installations on site, we usually stay below a 100t crane, but a project in King’s Lynn, United Kingdom, required something out of the ordinary and here’s why:


The heavier the system we lift and the longer the distance is between where the crane is situated and where the actually lift is taken place; the bigger the crane needs to be, in order for us to be able to perform the lift safely.


Since Queen Elizabeth Hospital needed a removal of a GE Discovery MR450w with a gross weight of 5,5 tons and a radius of 56m, a much bigger crane was needed to do the job!


With the right tools, precautions and mindset, the de-installation went smoothly – even though the distance was almost three times longer than what we usually expect when we do a crane-out.


This de-installation was not possible without the help from our trusted partners from the Dennison Project and Goring Medical Projects.