De-installation in Bradford




The importance of safety during a de-installation


In collaboration with our trusted partners from Goring Medical Projects Ltd and the team from the Dennison Projects, we did a de-installation of a GE MR 450 1.5T!  


A de-installation requires full concentration, know-how and experience. When we de-install a system, it is extremely important that safety is number 1 on our checklist!


By doing so, we not only prevent anything from happening to the workers or bystanders on site, but we also ensure the quality of our work and prevent any potential issues to the system during the de-installation.


In the beginning of this specific de-installation, we removed the magnetic field - this is also called ramping down the system. We used the official OEM ramp down power supply to remove the electric current from the magnet coils.


To ensure a successful ramp down of this specific system, Goring Medical Projects had to:


☑ Test the ramp kit before its being put into use

☑ Use an official and calibrated power supply that has been maintained/checked annually

☑ Make sure to cordon off the area from the public and contractors using safety barriers

☑ De-ice thoroughly before attempting ramping down

☑ Check the cryogenic health of the system and the presence of a burst disk