This Relocatable Rental Solution from AGITO has SIEMENS SOMATOM go.Top CT equipment installed, which will provide the best scan for every type of patient – no matter the clinical demands and challenges. The CT scanner features a unique tablet-based mobile workflow, user guidance with SIEMENS GO technologies, and exclusive innovations such as Tin Filter low-dose technology.


Included are all the required accessories, with staff and patient comfort in mind, all housed inside a ‘State of the Art’ Mobile. A Mobile CT system of choice, for all your imaging needs.


System Features


Advanced Cardiac Package

Minimum Rotation Time:0.33 s

Connectivity Integration with VISBION Cube/Elite Networks

Remote OEM Service Connectivity
OEM Service Contract on all Equipment


Maintenance and Service


System will be delivered with a service and maintenance contract.



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System Details

System ID: CT24
System model: SIEMENS SOMATOM go.Top
No. of slices: 128
Gantry opening: 70 cm
Max table load: 227kg.

Unit Features

Electrically assisted door to scan room
BRACCO CT Exprés Dual Syringe Injector
Remote OEM service connectivity & OEM service contract on all equipment
Sink with Hot & Cold Running Water in Scan Room and Patient Changing Area
Tri-zone air conditioning
Music System for Scan Room & Control Room
Switchable Privacy Glass to Scan Room
Ceiling mounted Patient Comfort Skylight in Scan room
Fire Alarm System – Fully Linkable to Hospital or Facility Alarm
Unit Hydraulic levelling System
Air Handling Unit - 10 Air Changes / Hour - Compliant to requirement for ‘Interventional’ procedures
Patient Changing Room with lockable door, cannulation chair, storage lockers and Patient Alarm

Unit Details and Dimensions

Type: Relocatable
Lenght: 14 m
Width: 4 m
Height: 3.4 m
Weight: 36.600 kg
Min. area for placement: 18 x 6 m